“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

The sixth chakra or “Third Eye” is located at the forehead between the eyebrows and sometimes called the “brow” chakra. Its color is violet and its element is light. The basic principle of the sixth chakra is image formation, where we create, receive, interpret, and store visual information on the internal screen of our mind. It is the seat of higher seeing.

This energy center governs what we visually see, what we imagine, and what we psychically and intuitively perceive. It’s also where we store our memories and experience our dreams.

The upward movement into this chakra is one of transcendence—moving up from the body into the mind where we can go beyond the limitations of our physical nature and the normal limitations of time and space. For example, through this chakra we experience both memory and imagination—where we can remember an experience from the recent or distant past, as well as imagine the future. This is also the realm of imagination, where we can expand our consciousness and receive information in ways beyond our basic five senses and beyond the physical plane.

One of the benefits of transcending the limitations of time and space is that we get to expand beyond our small, personal identity and gain entry to the unified field – the infinite source of all information –past, present, and future – and receive valuable guidance. We do this through psychic and intuitive abilities, including telepathic communications, information regarding the future (often called “precognition”), information about remote locations (called “remote viewing”), and visuals of images, scenes, and colors that contain information about a person, place, or situation (usually called “clairvoyance”).

We all have innate intuitive and psychic abilities and use them in daily life to one degree or another. For example, you may have, at times, known who was on the phone before answering the call or looking at your Caller ID. You may have sensed that your child was hurt or in trouble before being notified about it. Or you may have gotten that sinking feeling that your partner was cheating before they confessed. With intention and practice, these inherent abilities can be strengthened and put into greater use.

The awakening of this energy center brings inspiration and insight, perception, wisdom, and vision—and can lift us to the height of ecstasy. When our sixth energy center is closed, on the other hand, we can feel cut off from our intuition or unable to trust what we see.

Another aspect of the sixth chakra is memory. The experiences of our past are stored in memory. Whenever you remember something from your past, you are calling up its image and projecting it upon your internal screen.

Dreams are also found in the realm of the sixth chakra, as they combine memory with imagination. Through symbolic visual images in dreams, our psyche communicates to us, telling us a great deal about what’s going on in areas we cannot see, like in our unconscious thoughts and emotions. Each element or image in a dream is full of meaning, and we can work with our dreams to understand ourselves better.

The sixth chakra is all about discernment. Therefore, not wanting to see something can cause problems with this energy center. The areas of life most affected by a distorted “brow” or “Third Eye” chakra are vision, outlook, memory, concentration, and dreams.

With its location at the forehead, this energy center rules over the eyes, nose, brain, and neurological system. Its primary gland is the pineal.

When this area is out of balance, the following conditions can arise:

  • mild to severe eye problems, such as poor eyesight, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and blindness
  • conditions of the upper or frontal sinuses
  • headaches
  • stroke or brain hemorrhage
  • neurological disturbances
  • brain tumor

To see if your sixth chakra is out of balance, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have any health conditions related to the eyes, nose, brain, or neurological system?
  • Do I have trouble remembering my dreams?
  • Do I tend to be closed-minded or unable to see more than one way to address most issues?
  • Am I prone to denying or ignoring (in other words, not wanting to see) the facts or truth in a situation?
  • Do I shut off, disregard, or ignore my inner guidance? Do I feel as though it doesn’t exist?
  • Do I behave in a way that is against my own ethics and moral obligations?
  • Do I typically expect the negative to occur and project that onto most situations?

To see is our right. Though the intuition of the Third Eye is often belittled in Western culture because of our society’s almost exclusive reliance on the practical, rational, left side of the brain, there is a growing interest in the public for reclaiming these capabilities.

So, how do you develop your sixth chakra capabilities?

  • Practice the skill of visualization by creating images of your choosing on the internal screen of your mind. This can be anything. Or, when approaching any task, problem, or goal, visualize a positive outcome. This will help you manifest more of what you want in your life.
  • Set the intention and make a commitment to listen within for direction and then honor the guidance you receive with your actions.
  • Surround yourself with beauty and visuals that create a feeling of inner harmony. Take a little time each day to give your eyes a visual treat, either with images that are interesting and captivating because of light and color, or ones that are simply beautiful—such as nature, art you love, or other pleasing images.
  • Expand the use of your imagination. Let go of some of the rules about how things have to be done. Purposely employ greater creativity in everything you do. Use more color and variety in all things. Explore more. Approach life with a sense of childlike wonderment.
  • Before you go to sleep at night, set the intention to remember your dreams. Upon arising and before beginning your day, jot down your dreams to the best of your ability, writing down what happened in your dream as well as any emotions or physical sensations you experienced. Look for recurring symbolism, emotions, or other patterns. As you look at each element of your dream, ponder what it means to you or what your subconscious may be trying to communicate.

When our sixth chakra is in balance, we approach life with an open mind and seek to know the truth. We listen for guidance within ourselves and rely on our psychic experiences and on the sixth chakra’s power of discernment.