Levels of Initiation – Path to Enlightenment

The path to enlightenment happens in stages throughout the course of our lifetime. There are several levels of Initation we must pass through in order to become fully awakened and conscious beings.

Life on Earth is about evolution. Our body evolves, of course, but much more important is the evolution of our consciousness. We are given this particular lifetime so that we may experience relationships—the greatest vessel for personal growth—to give us the opportunities needed to master the particular life lessons our souls have set out to learn.

Our consciousness is a part of that vast force field that is the Creator of All That Is. Some call it the unified field, Source, or Spirit, as I have done in this book; others use Oneness, The All, or God. You may have your own name for it.

Each of us is part of this omnipresent energy, even if we can’t always see or feel it. We often have a yearning to connect to that Source, a homesickness that pulls us. Our ultimate goal, then, is to reach ever-higher levels of consciousness that bring us closer and closer to manifesting that God-force within. We call this experience that expands our awareness and brings us closer to Source an initiation.

Initiations have been a part of every religion and in every culture. Even though they’re called different names, they all describe the same phenomenon. But even an initiatory experience of the One is only a momentary glimpse of a reality that, because it is infinite, is essentially unknowable in your human body.

The Levels of Initiation

An initiation means that our consciousness has been expanded to some degree. Before the first one, all we care about is ourselves. We’re focused on survival and getting our desires fulfilled. We’re pretty much wrapped up in our own bodies, and we are motivated by fear.

You may have come into this lifetime with a few initiations already under your belt, with what’s called an “old soul,” and if you make the right choice each time Spirit offers you two roads, you will blast past the first few levels easily and be ready for higher ones.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the levels of initiation:

— Once you go through the first initiation, you begin to have the desire to do good, realizing that there are other people around besides yourself. At this level, you develop an appreciation for nature, too. The eighth chakra (above the head), which is also called the soul star, begins to influence your pineal gland. What this means is that you now have the “juice,” the connection to Source, to bring forth the higher qualities that your soul yearns for: courage, creativity, compassion, and so on.

The very fact that you are reading this material pretty much guarantees that you are already initiated to the first level or higher. You wouldn’t have even the slightest interest in this material if you were closed off to Spirit and living your first lifetime, so to speak. Here’s a simple test: if you have a desire to do good and you appreciate nature, you’ve already made it to the first level. So, take a deep breath and know that you’ve already been initiated—you can stop worrying that you’re not worthy.

— This may sound basic, but there is nothing without love—for the self and for others. The second initiation opens your heart to Divine love and begins your journey into self-responsibility. At this second level, individuals most often look outside of themselves for God, not yet realizing that He is within and they are already deeply connected to the God-force. The thing that most often blocks people from taking the second initiation is dislike for themselves, which is extremely common and highly destructive.

The first- and second-level initiations can occur spontaneously and take place anywhere. They often happen without any fanfare and don’t require a facilitator. Maybe you had one in an intimate moment with a partner, which can be one of the most spiritual experiences available to us humans; at the birth of a child; at the death of a loved one; or during a sudden Aha! Moment—perhaps while walking in the woods, gardening, running, doing yoga, or sailing. It can be anything that gives you a moment where you see beyond your everyday me-me-me consciousness and realize the vastness to which you are connected.

— If you’re doing your best with your life problems and don’t resort to blaming others, being a victim, or going into bitterness or self-pity when things aren’t the way you want them to be—and if you have a deep desire to help other people—there’s a strong likelihood that you’re ripe for a higher initiation, which requires a facilitator.

The third initiation, called the soul merge, is where the light of the soul star (the eighth chakra) fully downloads through the chakra system and anchors into the center of the earth. This is usually a pretty big deal and most often requires assistance. Finally, all of the energy, light, and consciousness of your soul merges with your physical body. This basically brings your soul to Earth and allows much more of you to be present in your body. You begin to experience what is called “soul-based consciousness,” which means that every decision you make will henceforth be based on your higher qualities instead of your lower ones. (For characteristics of the higher self, think unconditional love versus jealousy, generosity versus stinginess, and so forth.)

In this initiation, you start to become aware of your ego issues, and this is usually a very long process. It can take years of work to do everything that an expansion of consciousness makes available for you. An initiation simply puts you on the launchpad of the Divine—you have to do all of the hard work in order to actually take off.

— In the fourth initiation, the membrane of the soul star is absorbed into your 12th chakra, located far above your head. This can really be an ecstatic physical experience. Here’s where your identification with your ego and personality really shifts to being soul based rather than personality based. The soul star releases its accumulated understandings from previous lifetimes, and your crown chakra opens more and is purified, preparing you for higher initiations where your consciousness can become reunited with God consciousness. At this point, you will be considered for acceptance into the Brotherhood of Light, the name used to encompass all of those who work for the Light as opposed to the dark.

— In the fifth initiation, the light energy of the heart of the soul star is downloaded into your own heart, which activates the connection between your heart and thymus and your energy field and physical body. This is the first infusion of the Christ consciousness, or Christ light, and the beginning of solar consciousness. It blows open the heart chakra and purifies it, especially with regard to issues of worthiness.

I won’t go into detail here on Levels 6 through 12 because they are fairly rare. These higher-level initiations heavily involve the first three chakras, with the focus on clearing issues of safety and survival (first chakra), inner child and sexuality (second chakra), and personal power (third chakra). This then opens you to receive the knowledge that’s needed to anchor your consciousness in alignment with Source and puts you in a state of readiness to turn water into wine, heal the multitudes, and ascend.


Having the experience of an initiation satisfies the desires of our hearts because, to one degree or another, it connects us to Oneness. It fulfills our deepest longings, the ones we as humans can’t quite articulate—to be connected to Source, to God, to All That Is. We come from Source, we are Source, and one day we will all return to Source.

Reprinted with permission