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About Christy

Christy has had a life long passion for healing. She has faced several traumatic situations early in her life, which have brought her to the path of energy healing. Going through these experiences firsthand has allowed her to become an excellent guide and healer for those currently experiencing life’s challenging situations, specifically with loss, whether that pertains to separation, divorce, abuse or death. Christy has overcome many emotional challenges since the deaths of her son and later her mom with much credit given to energy healing.

Energy and Distance Healing

Clear the energetic debris and connect deeper with your own inner light.

Spiritual Counseling

Work with Christy to overcome and heal, no matter where you are.


Whatever life brings your way, we can get through it together.

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Coming into Wholeness

Coming into Wholeness

Mapping the world   Are you aware that a seemingly random action could bring you closer to coming into wholeness? Recently, I purchased a 2000 piece puzzle of the world map for my husband’s birthday. I had no idea that putting this puzzle together would cause me...

Symbolic Meaning of Water in Dreams and Waking Reality

Symbolic Meaning of Water in Dreams and Waking Reality

Water and Emotions Have you ever noticed that the symbolic meaning of water in your dreams can help raise your personal awareness and heal your life? Have you ever experienced how your inner world creates your outside circumstances? That awareness arises from...



As we move into a period of stillness during this time of year, the days become darker for longer periods, the leaves fall off the tree, the seeds are scattered on the ground to lie in wait for the coming spring. We too are called to sit in that darkness, go inward,...

Separation and Death

Separation and Death

Today marks 10 years since Mom transitioned. I can remember when I was 29 a healer had said to me that the year coming was going to be one of the best years of my life. One month after my 30th birthday we were faced with the devastation end stage cancer brings....


“Christy embodies love, kindness and compassion. There is a purity about her, a radiant Inner Light, that mixes with deep wisdom, which instantly helps me feel safe in her care. She has an extraordinary ability to connect to, attract and transmit such a pure current of Divine Energy that it leaves no doubt that a sacred moment has occurred. Each session I have had with Christy, I have felt wrapped in Love, uplifted from suffering and felt full body tingles as the current that flows through her reaches me at a very deep level. She has blessed my life in so many ways. I am deeply grateful and highly recommend her work.”



“If you are looking for an experienced, highly skilled healer with a beautiful heart, look no further! Christy is a rare combination of a licensed medical professional and an intuitive healer, which makes her healing work deep, laser precise, and truly transformational. Her readings are authentic, meaningful, and healing for the heart and the mind.

I’ve been Christy’s client since 2012 and always see her whenever I’m dealing with a health issue. One of my favorite stories of working with Christy is when I injured my knee. My knee was painful, swollen, and there was a possibility of a surgical intervention. After one session with Christy, the inflammation and swelling went down, I could go up and down the stairs without any problems whatsoever, and most importantly, the issue never came back! I will never forget how during the session, I felt as if my knee tendons were being painlessly and swiftly replaced with new ones, like strings on a guitar! It was such an amazing healing experience. Needless to say, I am so, so grateful to Christy for her work and feel so fortunate to have her on my healing team.”



“The work Christy does is completely transformative.  I walked out of my first appointment feeling shaken from the core outwords. She enlightened me to a brighter perspective on life and through her work I realized areas of my life that were in need of work. The body truly is the keeper of trauma & through Christy’s healing (she’s gifted) I was able to walk as if I had a new body-trauma and negative feelings were lifted. I honestly can’t say enough about how much Christy has helped me! If you have been carrying negative emotions for a long time and have thought about getting “help” there is absolutely no risk in accessing a person like Christy to start your healing journey. Her calm and beautiful presence truly is an invitation to a new life of healing, light & love.”


Lethbridge, AB Canada

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